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Blue Force Club in Ireland

'Blue Force, Friends of Fordson, Ford, New Holland & Derivatives', the Club dedicated to so many tractors built and converted between 1917, the birth of the M.O.M. and the Fordson Model F through to the latest offerings from New Holland during 2013 is moving in to its next phase.

Blue Force was established in early April 2011 and the Committee during the first 20 months have spent many long hours firmly developing the new Club to what it is today. Blue Force is now truly international with members across Europe, down to Australia and New Zealand and back around to America and Canada.

After the Blue Force AGM in November, it was decided that the Club’s members in Ireland need to feel and become more involved with their Club. With this in mind, during December members of the Committee both in the UK and Ireland worked hard to formulate the best option for its members.

Now is the time to concentrate on the membership and offer the chance to enjoy and be part of the Club which is ‘Run by Members for Members.’

Working Days

Over the coming months the Blue Force Club in Ireland will be present at various shows, road runs and working events where all Club members will be made more than welcome.

As the Club continues to expand in Ireland it will be able to offer its members more, details will follow as the year progresses. The Club will also require members’ assistance across the country in helping organise events, man the Club stand or simply be able to take a tractor and represent the Club at a local show. All help, no matter how great or small will be gratefully accepted; please remember this is a club ‘Run by Members for Members’

For further information or to contact Blue Force Ireland please email: info@blueforce.uk.com.

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