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Commercial Vehicles

Welcome to the Commercial Vehicle section of Blue Force.

Up until now there has not been a dedicated club for all the early Ford commercial vehicles. Many of the vehicles carried both the Ford name as well as the Fordson name and are an important part of the Ford Motor Company heritage.

We at Blue Force would like to address that with this our sections dedicated to all Ford Commercial vehicles of any size and age from the Model T to the Cargo or even the American built Ford trucks.

The aim is to create a group within Blue Force where members can get together, ask questions, buy and sell parts and join together at various shows and rallies around the country, and at times join both the agricultural and commercial element of Blue Force together for one big show.

So if you are a Ford commercial vehicle owner or enthusiast, or perhaps you used to drive a D series or run a fleet of Trader's please tell us your story and send in your photographs.

Please also let the club know of what you would like to see happen with the formation of a new dedicated group, and how you think Blue Force can best cater for the enthusiast.


In the first instance please contact Blue Force, tel number 07826 650424 or email: info@blueforce.uk.com

Peter Riley is on the Blue Force committee as the ‘Commercial Vehicle Officer’, Peter is available to offer further advice and assistance on this subject.

Contact tel number 07791 859634 .

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